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Q-Admin Version: 1.1                     
Administrator name:demoadmin  Password: demotest

Product Overview:

This application allows website owners to create a controlled user list such that only users with granted rights can get access to certain web pages or folders. There is no need to run any backend programs on the server, all you need is a web-browser and the login process is password protected. This is a great tool for personal or small business websites where the website owner can share with a specific group of users information of particular interests.
All Q-Shine web applications are secured by user name/password authentication. Furthermore, you can still use SSL or other server based security system to protect your web site and password.


  • General
    • Setup administrator account name and password
    • Configure the web server. Selects which component your server supported. (ASP, PHP or FTP with the most server supported)
    • Setup root folder for your web application.
    • Add or change user account information.
    • Add or change user group information.
    • Disable user name/password authentication.
    • Online help system
  • User account 
    • Create a user account with user name and password
    • Associate with a user group.
    • Detail account description
    • Manage user account
    • Delete user account
  • Group account
    • Create a user group account to set the group name.
    • Setting active folder which the users can access.
    • Setting files access permissions
    • Detail account description
    • Manage group account
    • Delete group account.

Requirements :

The QAdmin comes with other Qshine applications.  See the requirements in the related web application.

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