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Q-File Version: 1.1
User name:demo  Password: test

Product Overview:

In this day and age, the web has revolutionized the way we access information, receive education, do business and look for entertainments. The Internet is becoming an integral part of our working (and playing) world. Q-File , a web site file manager, enables any non-technical users to manage their web site files in any where, any time.


  • General
    • User name and password protected security system that allows only authorized users to manage the web site. Multi-user group support ensures that a group user can only explore the web site files under their authorized directory.
    • Simple to install and easy to setup on your web server. It supports most, if not all, web servers currently available on the market place. (ASP, PHP or even the free website with the FTP supported)
    • No component required. (1*
    • Simple to use, just like a window explorer.
    • User-friendly for non-technical customers.
    • Online help system
  • Complete File Manager
    • View the detail list of file and directory, such as file name, size, type and created time.
    • Rename or delete file.
    • Create and delete directory
    • Upload files to server
    • Edit web page or any text file.
    • Sort files by name, size, type or time.
    • Local file exploring. (1* 

note: *1) If your web site is not supported by ASP or PHP. The Q-File will prompt you to install an webFTP ActiveX component. This is a very useful component for most free hosting web site.

Requirements :

The Q-File require the following server side supporting:

Your web server (hosting your web site) support ASP (Window NT or Window 2000), Chilisoft ASP (Unix/Linux/Windows NT) or PHP (Unix/Linux). If your web server does not support above ASP and PHP, you must have the right to access your web site using FTP.

The Q-File comes in one version for all three web server. You only need do one the simple setup to select your web server type.

ASP Support (Windows NT/2000)

      • Web server
      • IIS
      • Ability to execute ASP script


Chilisoft ASP Support (Unix/Linux/Windows NT/2000)

      • Web server
      • Chilisoft ASP v3+


PHP Support (Unix/Linux)

      • Web server
      • IIS
      • Ability to execute PHP script


FTP Support (Unix/Linux/Windows NT/2000)

      • Any Web server
      • FTP
      • No any other server component required

The Q-File must be running on a PC with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or more. If you don't have a Internet Explorer, you can download it free from Microsoft:

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We installed our demo in three web servers.

Server www.q-shine.com is a commercial web server. It provides PHP support.
Server www.brinkster.com is a free ASP web server. It provides ASP support.
Server members.rogers.com/qdemo is the personal web server for all Rogers HighSpeed users. It only provides the FTP support.

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