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Q-Page Version: 1.7
User name:demo  Password: test

Product Overview:

In this day and age, the web has revolutionized the way we access information, receive education, do business and look for entertainments. The Internet is becoming an integral part of our working (and playing) world. Q-Page, a web page editor, enables any non-technical users to create and modify web pages, write articles, bookmark your favorite web sites and even edit, save a WWW web page to your web site.

Q-Page is a powerful browser based online WYSIWYG editor for modifying information on the web pages.


  • General
    • User name and password protected security system that allows only authorized users to create and modify web pages. Multi-user group support ensures that a group user can only modify the web pages under their authorized directory.
    • o Browser-based online editor, so no client software needs to be installed or maintained, and one can manage his/her website anywhere and at anytime.
    • o Simple to install and easy to setup on your web server. It supports most, if not all, web servers currently available on the market place. (ASP, PHP or even the free website with the FTP supported)
    • No component required. (1*
    • File encryption and decryption allow the authorized group users to view and edit.
    • Simple to use, just like a word processor.
    • o User-friendly for non-technical customers.
    • Online help system
  • Complete File Manager
    • Windows Exploer-like file manager dialog box allows you to browse, select and enter a file name.
    • Right click to view, rename or delete files.
    • Create and delete directory
    • Upload files to server
    • Edit a URL web page from Internet.
    • Sort files by name, size, type or time.
    • Easy to open, save files to local dirves. (1* 
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor
    • Microsoft word-like interface
    • Text formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline)
    • Text size, font type, color and background color.
    • Paragraph formatting ( alignment, heading, numbered and ordered lists)
    • Table insert
    • Add and delete table row, column and cell.
    • Inert Form, password input, textbox, file field, text area, checkbox, radio button, dropdown list, listbox, and buttons
    • CUT/COPY/PASTE from other web page or Microsoft Word.
    • Insert special characters.
    • Add, edit and delete links
    • Insert, resize and delete image.
    • Switch between HTML and Text mode, allow user edit page directly.
    • Edit web page title, author,description and keyword. The search engines can easily find your web pages.
    • Modify properties of table, image, horizonal line, form and input objects.
  • One Click Edit
    • Insert a point QPage editor icon on your web page. Just one click the icon you can edit your page online.
      Try this feature.
  • Online HTML File Encrypt
    • Create a group shared file. Only the group member can access such encrypted file with their user name and password.
      Try this feature.
    • Create a user name and password protected file. Only the user, who create the file, can access this file.The file is protected by a user name and password.
      Try this feature.
    • Create a one password protected file.
      Try this feature.

note: *1) If your web site is not supported by ASP or PHP. The Q-Page will prompt you to install an webFTP ActiveX component. This is a very useful component for most free hosting web site.

Requirements :

The Q-Page require the following server side supporting:

Your web server (hosting your web site) must support ASP (Window NT or Window 2000), Chilisoft ASP (Unix/Linux/Windows NT) or PHP (Unix/Linux). If your web server does not support above ASP or PHP feature, you must have the right to access your web site using FTP.

The Q-Page comes in one version for all three web server. You only need do one the simple setup to select your web server type.

ASP Support (Windows NT/2000)

      • Web server
      • IIS
      • Ability to execute ASP script


Chilisoft ASP Support (Unix/Linux/Windows NT/2000)

      • Web server
      • Chilisoft ASP v3+


PHP Support (Unix/Linux)

      • Web server
      • IIS
      • Ability to execute PHP script


FTP Support (Unix/Linux/Windows NT/2000)

      • Any Web server
      • FTP
      • No any other server component required

The Q-Page must be running on a PC with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or more. If you don't have a Internet Explorer, you can download it free from Microsoft:

Back to top, select a web server to test the online demo.
We installed our demo in three web servers.

Server is a commercial web server. It provides PHP support.
Server is a free ASP web server. It provides ASP support.
Server is the personal web server for all Rogers HighSpeed users. It only provides the FTP support.

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