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QShine offers the security, flexibility and easy-to-use Internet product, tools and solution for the travel agencies and consolidators, who want to publish the net airfare for any travel agency as well as let the public search a particular fare through the Internet. It will quickly and cost-effectively distribute your product and service to the customs.

  • Airfare search engine
  • Airfare publish tools
  • Full web site design
  • Online page editing tools

Airfare search engine:

  • Supports both public fares and agency fares including net and markup.
  • Supports online search of fares based on the following criteria:
    • Departure city/airport
    • Arrival city/airport
    • Departure date
    • Return date
    • Preferred carrier(s)
    • Type of trip (one way/round trip)
  • Reports multiple items search results including prices for adult, child and infant, fare information and detail rule.


Airfare publish tools:

  • Provides easy airfare data input tools using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Airfare data search and update tool.
  • Database backup.
  • Agencies account management


Full web site design:

  • Domain name register.
  • One year web site hosting.
  • Up to 10 web pages design including general travel agency web site pages, hotel, cars rental, vacation package, cruise and special page.
  • Customized fare search engine user interface.

Online page editing tools:

  • Provides a easy way to dynamic change web page contents.
  • Add or change web page by yourself.
  • User-friendly for non-technical customers.
  • Simple to use, just like a Microsoft Word.
  • Click here to learn more about the online editor.


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