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We have developed a number of web applications aimed at making it more convenient and cost-effective for you to conduct your business on the Internet and to manage your website effectively. We have taken special care to ensure that you donít have to run any installation programs or do any special setup in order to run our applications. All you need is a simple web browser, the same browser that you use to surf the Internet, to run our applications. To make it more versatile, weíve also taken the extra mile to ensure that our web applications provide ASP, PHP and FTP server side support so that they can run on almost all Unix and Windows web servers. Please check out our portfolio of web applications below and please donít hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

QPage:   CND$49.99

You no longer have to purchase and install those expensive website editors, nor do you have to worry about learning the various syntax and commands in the HTML code. All you need is QPage, an application that requires only your browser to run for editing your website or file online. Since it only requires a browser to run, you can run it from any computer, without the need to install and run any specific programs on your computer. >>detail

QAdmin:   Free* 

This application allows website owners to create a controlled user list such that only users with granted rights can get access to certain web pages or folders. There is no need to run any backend programs on the server, all you need is a web-browser and the login process is password protected. This is a great tool for personal or small business websites where the website owner can share with a specific group of users information of particular interests >>detail

QFile:   CND$29.99

QFile is a friendly online web site files management application. You can view, add, delete files and folders. You also can encrypt and share files with your group members. It is a beneficial tool for Webmaster and Web developer. 

QEasyWeb:   CND$69.99

QEasyWeb package include QAdmin, QPage, QFile and other web online tools. With this package you can organize the web contents, such as create your favorities links, save the internet web page to your web site, named and description the web pages or links. QEasyWeb is an economic and efficient online web tools package. (coming soon)

QTravel Package:   CND$5,000

QTravel is a web-based fare search engine for travel agency, wholesale and consolidator to simplify the process and reduce the time involved in searching out the net fare for the agency and getting the particular fare for the public. The software increase the efficiency and raise the level of satisfaction that its customers will get in finding out the best price.
The package provides a rich set of tools that allows a travel agency to update and add air fares to the database, post special travel package, publish travel newsletter, and post new information on their web site.
The package includes 10 pages customized web site design, free domain name register and one year web hosting.  >>detail


An accounting software that facilitates business owners to

  • enter business transacations
  • keep track of cash flow
  • prepare bank reconciliation statements
  • prepare GST and PST reports
  • Keep track of vendors and customers and it comes with a bilingual interface (English and Chinese)